The Colors of Joy - The Songs of Solitude
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DEMO Videos

Two demo videos below. CLICK to play.
COLORS Silence Beckons is an overview video with helpful tools for change.  SONGS Watermark is a meditation video to help enter a state where subconscious limiting beliefs can be modified. 

Yellow Butterfly

COLORS Silence Beckons from Joyce Yawn on Vimeo.

COLORS Silence Beckons:
A Demo Video Overview of all chapters in the IBOOK,  "The Colors of Joy, the Songs of Solitude".  Beautiful nature scenes and sounds, relaxing music  and thoughts and affirmations to facilitate personal change.

CD Cover

SONGS Watermark from Joyce Yawn on Vimeo.

SONGS Watermark
A Demo Video for meditation, relaxation and stress reduction. Beautiful nature scenes, nature sounds and entrancing music help open the door to a state where you can can replace limiting beliefs with powerful thoughts for a better you.