The Colors of Joy - The Songs of Solitude
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Downloadable Books for Personal Improvement

By choosing our thoughts, creating and fueling new beliefs with emotions of love, joy, delight, excitement, and passion, we can break through to the unconscious to remove limits and false beliefs that have imprisoned us.

The affirmations in our Ibooks and books provide a powerful template for self transformation as we repair and replace limiting personal programming. Beautiful nature scenes, nature sounds, delightful music and affirmative thoughts provide a relaxed state of mind and keys for accessing subconscious programming so that limiting beliefs can be accessed and modified.

IBOOKS shown below are available in the Apple Ibooks Bookstore.

The FIRST Ibook:
"The Colors of Joy, the Songs of Solitude"
Available Soon; Click Book Cover to go to Ibooks Bookstore for Preview and Purchase

Book Cover

Our downloadable iBook, 
"The Colors of Joy, the Songs of Solitude",
includes three affirmation videos and a meditation video as well as creative thoughts, affirmations and meditations facilitating change.

$ 7.99 in the Ibooks Bookstore (requires Apple device   (IPAD preferably or Mac computer)

  $ 4.99 PDF Version without Videos - Microsoft device


"I Choose a New Life" "I Choose Success"
"I Choose Peace of Mind"
"I Choose to Love and be Loved"
I Choose a New Life$ 1.95 I Choose Success$ 1.95 I Choose Peace of Mind$ 1.95 I Choose to Love and be Loved$ 1.95


"I Choose Health and Happiness" "I Choose Unity"
I Choose to Follow My True Purpose"
"I Choose to Thoughts that Create"
I Choose Health and Happiness$ 1.95 I Choose Unity$ 1.95 I Choose to Follow My True Purpose$ 1.95 I Choose to Thoughts that Create$ 1.95

Demo Video  COLORS OVERVIEW: Silence Beckons

SONGS: Watermark 

A Demo Video for meditation, relaxation and stress reduction. Beautiful nature scenes, nature sounds and entrancing music help open the door to a state where you can can replace limiting beliefs with powerful thoughts for a better you.

Not downloadable or sharable.

Favorite Books and Authors

"The Spontaneous Healing of Belief", Gregg Braden

"The Intention Experiment", Lynne McTaggart

"Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself", Dr. Joe Dispenza

"The Law of Attraction in Action", Deanna Davis, PhD

"The Biology of Belief; Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles", Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

"The Secret of the Ages", Robert Collier

"The Divine Matrix", Gregg Braden

"The Science of Mind", Ernest S. Holmes

"The Secret", Rhonda Byrne

"Follow your Passion, Find your Power, Bob Doyle

"Inner Wisdom:  Meditations for the Heart and Soul", Louise Hay

"Creative Mind, Tapping the Power Within", Ernest S. Holmes

"Infinite Possibilities", Mike Dooley

"Creating Affluence, Wealth Consciousness in the Field of All Possibilities", Deepak Chopra, M.D.